Artistic Touch I

Artistic Touch III

Texas Watercolor Society's "Fifty Years of Excellence"

Artistic Touch, Artistic Touch 3, TWS 50th Anniversary full- color cover images of the three books. that explain the ideas and techniques used by many contemporary award-winning artists who paint abstracts, figures, still life, birds and landscapes

Artistic Touch presents the work of over 65 outstanding artists. 

Each of the artists explains the ideas and techniques they use for painting their unique visions.  The subject matter includes abstracts, figures, still life, and landscapes. Nancy Fortunato has a full color page of a watercolor of one of her birds. She describes her vision and very unusual painting technique. 

Artistic Touch III is Chris Unwin's third book featuring a collection 
of over 110 contemporary artists. 

The artists included in this book comment on their work in their own words. Nancy Fortunato's work is another full color page of her unique impressions in watercolor. The work chosen is a watercolor done entirely without the use of a brush. 

Texas Watercolor Society's "Fifty Years of Excellence" book is a compilation 
of 125 signature members of the Texas Watercolor Society. 

Each artist has a full color pager devoted to their work. The watercolors are all very unique. Nancy Fortunato has a page describing her working techniques. This is a limited edition printing and was issued in 1999 to honor of Texas Watercolor Society's Fiftieth Anniversary. 

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TWS "50 Years of Excellence" is $24.00. Shipping and handling is $4.5025 per book.

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